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About Me

Davar Stephen’s journey as a photographer began in 2009 with an introductory course for extra credits at Bowling Green State University. Using a borrowed camera, Davar quickly became enamored with life through the lens, and after the two semesters, he made the decision to definitively pursue an education in photography at the Brooks Institute in Ventura, California. 


In 2012, Davar made the official move to Los Angeles to continue following his passion for photography by working directly in the industry. Over the past two years, he has collaborated with several models, actors, makeup artists, hair stylists, and fashion designers. He is actively involved in different industry events in the L.A. county, always learning and expanding his knowledge and skill level. 


Davar’s signature “Dreams Over Reality,” or D.O.R., stays in the forefront of his mind as he pushes through it all towards his goals. He loves telling stories, and being a photographer has given him the ability to do so without using words. Backed by love, Davar aims to capture the moments of dear to him as well as being an inspiration to others. He has friends all over the world and continues to constantly make new ones on each of his adventures.


As he likes to say, "The world was made for man and it is his camera’s playground.”

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